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SMG Pouch (Triple)

SMG Pouch (Triple)

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These Body Wear items are VERY small, high detailed, molded plastic parts. They are intended for gluing onto blank vests, or using sticky tack. 

Please use extreme care when unboxing and handling these when you receive your order. We are NOT responsible if you loose these items. No refunds, or replacements will be sent if you loose these items. Remember, these are SMALL!


All of these are custom injection molded to very high standards in house all proudly manufactured in the U.S.A! Made of High Quality ABS plastic which is the same type of plastic that most LEGO© bricks are made of! Even all the machines and materials we use are all from the U.S.A, which not a lot of other vendors can say these days.

Note: Minifigure not included in the sale of this item.

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