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BrickTactical M2 Machine Gun

BrickTactical M2 Machine Gun

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BrickTactical's NEW Browning M2 Machine gun is Injection Molded in the United States. Designed by Payton Dean in memory of Larry Hansen. 

Watch the FULL backstory and review here: Click Here!

The M2 comes with x15 parts including the following!

x1 M2 Receiver

x1 Standard Heavy Barrel

x1 Water cooled Barrel

x1 Aircraft Barrel

x1 Helicopter Barrel 

x1 Charging Handle

x1 Ammo Can

x1 Butterfly Grip

x1 Gun Shield

x1 Aircraft Sight

x1 Tripod Pivot

x1 Tripod Center Body

x3 Tripod Legs

Exclusive M2 Sticker included with each M2 purchased! 

Figure NOT included. Extra pictures showcase the different parts in different configurations. You will receive x15 parts listed above. 


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