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Why do you need PlateLocker’s?

They lock multiple Base Plates together from the underside. 

They keep any Base Plate from sliding.

If you have ever built a MOC using multiple base plates you know how hard is to keep them joined together.  You usually have to patch them together with bricks across the joints.  Many times these additional bricks distract from the look of your MOC.  That’s why we've developed PlateLocker’s.  PlateLocker’s will lock solidly into the underside of the base plates and ties adjacent plates together securely.

Secondly, they have been designed and manufactured with a special tread pattern and a non-slip material.  This keeps the base plate from sliding over your building surface. 

PlateLocker’s are a Must Have for anyone serious about their LEGO 

PlateLocker’s are flexible & extremely durable.

Each PlateLocker
 is manufactured in the USA using the finest high strength materials and will 
give years of service.

Comes in a package of 5 PlateLockers.

Each PlateLocker is 2.5" square.

Made in USA - Patent Pending