Injection Molding

When you need something made in quantity and with the smooth, same-every-time surface provided by the latest in injection molding, BrickTactical can help you make that idea a reality. Using a high-quality mold engineered to your specifications, we can produce your design in a full production run, with each item in your set identical to every other.

Whether you need a limited run of high-quality molded items to make your prototype, or a massive wave of meticulously-detailed, high-tolerance parts to make your assemblies function right, every time, all the time, injection molding is the way to go- and we're ready to go for you! 

BrickTactical specializes in micro injection molding and over-molding small, detailed parts. Most of the parts we have made in the past are smaller than a dollar bill, some even smaller than a dime. We have worked with ABS, polypropylene, polycarbonate, transparent plastics and rubbers. 

Need your part in a very specific color? Have a part in hand and you need your parts to match in color? Don't worry! We work with multiple companies that can take your part in hand and color match it perfectly! Then we can take that information and recreate plastic material to be ran in your injection mold, that way all your parts stay consistent in color and overall appearance! 

Here at BrickTactical we can produce in house injection molds for fast turn around times. We also have two injection molding machines to run parts in house to maintain quality assurance, on time delivery and keeping your production in the United States. 

If your parts require secondary operations after molding we can help. If your parts require additional features machined to them we can do that! Need to add custom printing or branding to your items? Not a problem! We offer a full range of services to assure that you get the parts how you want them, when you want them.

We have a $1000 minimum charge for making injection molds for custom LEGO accessories. Along with a minimum of 100 parts to be made.