CNC Machining


BrickTactical is currently focusing on work that is suitable for our 3 axis, vertical CNC machine. We typically do work from 10-1000 parts at a time. However we are always looking for ways to expand our capabilities and output for the customer.

With our knowledge of complex work holding strategies we are able to tackle complex parts on a three axis machine.

Over the past few years we have worked with a plethora of materials from titanium, tool steels, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, delrin, acrylics and more! 


At BrickTactical we offer more than just producing your parts. We get to understand the project itself to help with design modifications to lower manufacturing costs. We also work very hard at streamlining the manufacturing process to lower the cost of the parts to stay competitive.

However, our primary goal will always be to continue to create quality parts with on time delivery.

We are not an ISO 9001 shop. Depending on the customers requirements we can inspect every part 100% or set up an In-Process Inspection system per the customers requirements. This system could be every 5th parts or every 100th part.


Currently we design and program parts in MasterCam 2019 and Autodesk Fusion 360.