3D Printing

Need a new part, and need it yesterday? BrickTactical's 3D printing services provides you with high-quality 3D-printed parts for all your design and invention needs. Whether you're working on the Next Big Thing or just trying to make your toys a little bit more unique, we've got you covered- from gears to joints to anything you can imagine, BrickTactical can transform your wildest dreams into a finely-crafted, 3D-printed object.

Built from the ground up with the latest in 3D printing technology, our printers take your 3D model or CAD design and make it real in a selection of materials. Since no molds need to be created or parts machined, every piece is one-of-a kind and requires no additional setup, so we pass the savings of creating a high-quality custom part on to you!  

BrickTactical pushes the limits with Fused Deposition Modeling and stereolithography technologies to recreate CAD models with tight tolerances and high surface finishes. Whether you need a one off part or thousands of low cost, complicated parts we can help! We can print in a variety of materials and resolutions to fit your needs.

We have a $200 minimum charge for either FDM or SLA printed parts. At this time BrickTactical doesn't offer design services for 3D printed parts. Customers will need to supply a STL or STEP file. Please contact us for more details.